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Sharing the road with trucks and commercial vehicles

A booming economy means there is no shortage of trucks and commercial vehicles on the roads in Knoxville. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are more than 12 million commercial trucks on the roads across the country. Many commercial vehicle operators drive for several hours at a time before stopping for breaks. Some of them speed and engage in careless driving behaviors to meet deadlines. These factors and more are the cause of truck accidents, fatalities and injuries. 

Motorists should utilize the following suggestions so they can share the road with truckers and commercial vehicle operators safely. 

How can I avoid aggressive drivers?

As a motorist who frequents the roads in Knoxville, you should pay close attention to the drivers around you. Some of them are aggressive motorists who do not care or understand how much their driving behaviors can impact others. Yelling, tailgating, cutting off and rude and inappropriate gestures are common behaviors that angry and reckless drivers exhibit. According to NBCNews.com, aggressive driving is a factor in 56 percent of fatal motor vehicle accidents. It is also a leading cause of car accident injuries. 

With more motorists on the streets these days, the chances of you encountering angry drivers are higher. Here are some ways you can avoid aggressive motorists. 

How to avoid summertime holiday car accidents

Many Knoxville motorists are finalizing their plans for Memorial Day. According to CNN.com, Memorial Day weekend is a very risky time for motorists to be on the roads. There are more drivers on the roads and an increase in traffic accidents. Many of these accidents are the result of tired drivers who spend too much time on the roads, alcohol use and distractions. There are also more young drivers on the roads who lack driving experience. 

With the holiday quickly approaching, anyone who plans to travel should make themselves aware of the dangers they face. Here are some ways they can avoid summertime car accidents. 

How to prevent summertime drunk driving accidents

Summertime marks the beginning of longer days, warmer temperatures, more social events and drunk driving. Many people in Knoxville are so caught up in hanging out with their friends, partying and enjoying themselves at events around town that they fail to consider how their alcohol consumption can affect their driving skills. According to Cars.com, “motorists are twice as likely to die from car accidents during the summer than any other time of the year.” Many of those accidents are the result of alcohol and drug use and distractions. 

Here are some ways people can keep themselves and their friends from driving drunk and injuring others. 

Common causes of car accidents involving pedestrians

With the temperatures heating up in Knoxville, many people are taking to the roads by foot, bicycle and vehicle. The increase in road activity means there is a higher risk of car accidents and injuries for everyone, especially pedestrians. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, motor vehicle accidents were the cause of 4,884 pedestrian deaths in 2014. Many more people suffered minor and catastrophic injuries. 

Motorists who know about the common causes of accidents involving pedestrians can adjust their driving behaviors to prevent them. 

Common causes of summertime car accidents

Many Knoxville motorists assume that summer is the safest driving season of the year. There is no snow on the ground, less rain in the forecast and the temperatures are heating up. According to CNN.com, the summertime is the riskiest time of year for motorists to be on the roads. The closer it gets to Memorial Day, the more dangerous the roads become. 

Drivers should learn about the factors that increase summertime car accidents so they can avoid them. 

Motorcycle awareness in the spotlight this month

Whether you ride a motorcycle or simply share the road with them in Tennessee, it is important to understand some of the safety issues that riders face. While cars’ bodies provide their drivers with protection, motorcycle riders do not have that same advantage. At Pryor Priest & Harber, we understand that accidents involving motorcycles are particularly serious and can result in grave injuries and even death.

That is why May has been designated Motorcycle Awareness Month, according to Ultimate Motorcycling. Of all the reported deadly motorcycle crashes each year, another vehicle is involved in 57 percent of them. By remaining aware of the motorcycles around them, car and truck drivers can help ensure everyone’s safety.

Controversy surrounds drugged driving report

Every year, people in Tennessee are injured and killed by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving crashes can be devastating for victims and their families. However, until now not much attention has been given to accidents involving drugged drivers. A new study has not only looked at accident fatalities involving drugs but has come to some controversial conclusions.

According to CBS News, a recent report has found that of drivers involved in fatal crashes, 37 percent tested positive for alcohol, while 43 percent tested positive for drugs. Of the drugs found, marijuana was the most popular, followed by amphetamines.

Distracted driving: How your actions affect other motorists

As a motorist who frequents the roads in Knoxville, you may feel so familiar with your route that you often resort to distractions to keep yourself from getting bored. Although you have managed to drive around without accidents thus far, you should know that distractions are one of the biggest causes of car accidents in the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents that involve distracted drivers injure at least 1,161 people a year. 

With the risk of accidents due to distractions increasing, you should make yourself aware of how your driving actions endanger everyone on the roads. 

2 major hazards that motorcyclist should be aware of

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Knoxville. According to ConsumerReports.org, in 2014, 4,586 riders died in motorcycle accidents. The number of deaths increased by 10 percent in 2015. Many riders are so in love with the roads that they throw all caution to the wind and ride out. As exciting as riding can be, there are dangers on the roads that can affect their safety and ability to ride again in the future. With the risk of severe injury and possible death looming, many motorcyclists should become more cautious when they are riding with other motorists. They should also become more aware of the dangers they face so they can avoid them. 

Here is a brief rundown of the hazards that can affect motorcyclists. 

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