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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Teen drunk driving accidents increase in the summer

Underage drinking is a growing concern for many parents in Knoxville. According to MADD.org, underage drinking increases during the summer by 61 percent. With teenagers being the most dangerous group of drivers on the roads, they should learn about the impact that alcohol and car accidents can have on their lives. 

Drunk driving and motor vehicle accidents

When people drink and drive in Knoxville, they do not do it with the intent to harm or kill others with their vehicles. But that is precisely what happens in some drunk driving motor vehicle accidents. Many drunk drivers participate in this type of reckless behavior because they are misinformed about the dangers. 

Controversy surrounds drugged driving report

Every year, people in Tennessee are injured and killed by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving crashes can be devastating for victims and their families. However, until now not much attention has been given to accidents involving drugged drivers. A new study has not only looked at accident fatalities involving drugs but has come to some controversial conclusions.

Teens, alcohol and car accidents

Alcohol-related car accidents are a leading cause of death for teens in Knoxville. With warmer weather on the way, more teenagers are getting their licenses. Prom and graduation seasons are also coming up, and the roads are becoming more dangerous for young adult motorists. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, teenage drivers who drink have a significantly higher risk of being involved in fatal crashes.

Holiday driving dangers

The holiday season in Tennessee is a time that is often filled with joy and happiness for many. However, according to EHS, it is also a time where driving dangers are at their highest. More drivers are on the roads than usual. With higher traffic volumes comes a greater risk of accidents. Motorists who decide to travel during this time of year should make themselves familiar with these dangers so they can take measures to keep themselves safe.

Study shows many designated drivers are not sober

In Tennessee, designated drivers have long been perceived as people who do not drink and drive. However, recent research shows that many designated drivers are not always sober when they are behind the wheel. According to a study from NPR Science Desk, as long as their BAC was below the legal limit of 0.08 percent, many people who act as designated drivers think it is okay for them to consume a few alcoholic beverages. 20 percent of the 41 percent of designated drivers in this study drank to the point of impairment.

Injury accident in Tennessee attributed to impaired driver

Motorists who decide to drive while they are intoxicated or under the influence of a substance in Tennessee are a danger to everyone who is on the road. Their actions are hard to ignore and in some cases to avoid. These people may not fully understand the consequences of their actions. Along with the chances of being involved in car wrecks increasing, their risk of injuries and death skyrockets tremendously. Drivers who operate their vehicles while they are drunk also face many consequences, including fines, criminal charges and more.

Technology and DUI

Motorists who drive while they are under the influence in Tennessee are a major hazard for other drivers. New technology is being developed to prevent people from operating their cars and motorcycles while they are intoxicated. There are other ways motorists can deter themselves and others from operating their vehicles while they are inebriated. However, some people still insist on engaging in this dangerous behavior, regardless of how much it puts them and others at risk for accidents, injuries and even death.

The impact of drunk driving

The impact of drunk driving in Tennessee has far reaching consequences for all who are involved and their immediate families. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is not an action that should be taken lightly, nor is it one that should be encouraged. According to Hearts for Families, drunk driving causes ripple effects. These effects can be both short-term and long-term.

Signs that a driver is drunk

Motorists in Tennessee need to be able to identify when drivers are driving drunk so they can take preventive actions to avoid them. Drivers who engage in intoxicated driving are not only a danger to themselves, they are a danger to their passengers and other motorists who are on the road. Relying on law enforcement and the decision-making skills of drivers who drink are not sufficient enough to prevent this type of behavior from occurring. By learning what actions and behaviors drivers tend to exhibit when they are intoxicated, the roads can become a safer place.

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