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How to avoid summertime holiday car accidents

Many Knoxville motorists are finalizing their plans for Memorial Day. According to CNN.com, Memorial Day weekend is a very risky time for motorists to be on the roads. There are more drivers on the roads and an increase in traffic accidents. Many of these accidents are the result of tired drivers who spend too much time on the roads, alcohol use and distractions. There are also more young drivers on the roads who lack driving experience. 

Common causes of teenage car accidents

The temperatures are heating up, and many motorists on the roads in Knoxville are newly licensed drivers. Teenagers face the highest risk of injury and death on the roads. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that drivers who are 20 years old and older are three times less likely to die in car crashes than teenage motorists, for every mile driven.

Daylight saving time and car accidents

Knoxville motorists should be extra cautious on the roads after daylight saving time. The streets are not as safe as they normally are because of the change in time. According to Vox.com, it causes sleep deprivation and exhaustion for many people. Many motorists are well aware of the dangers of driving while sleepy. But they may not know how much daylight saving time can alter their abilities to stay awake and alert while they are on the roads.

The dangers of teenagers driving with passengers

Teenage motorists in Tennessee are already at a disadvantage when they are on the roads because of their inexperience. However, that does not seem to stop them from driving dangerously. Many of them drive their friends around, compromising their ability to safely operate their vehicles even further. Teens are already the highest risk group on the roads. They are several times more likely to be involved in car accidents, sustain injuries and die than adult motorists. With motor vehicle wrecks being the leading cause of death for adolescent drivers, more people should pay attention to the consequences when teen drivers have passengers.

Preventing fatal motor vehicle accidents during the holidays

For many motorists in Tennessee, the holiday season is the perfect time to travel and go see friends and relatives. It is also the time of year when fatal motor vehicle accidents are at their highest. According to USA Today, the number of victims who died from car crashes around Thanksgiving was 436 in 2013. Almost 15 percent of the total fatalities that occurred during the month of November from 2006-2011 occurred around Thanksgiving.

Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle crashes are on the rise in Tennessee. Bikers should practice caution and appropriate safety protocols when they are out riding. According to Consumer Reports, the number of bikers who died in 2015 from vehicle wrecks was 5,000. With the number of motorists on the roads this holiday season approaching an all-time high, priority should be given to motorcycle safety.

Sleep deprivation and driving

It is not uncommon for motorists in Tennessee to spend long hours on the road. Many drivers who do so are not aware that they are operating their vehicles while they are deprived of sleep. Drowsy driving is quickly becoming an epidemic. With the amount of traffic steadily increasing on the streets, many motorists are noticing that it takes them much longer to reach their destinations.

Women at higher risk of car accidents

As the number of motorists on the roads in Tennessee rise, so does the number of car accident situations. According to the NY Times, recent research shows that even when seatbelts are used, male drivers are less likely to be involved in car accidents than women are. Safety features play a role in how well protected women are when they are involved in collisions. The safety features on vehicles are not designed to offer women the same protections as men because of the difference in their physical characteristics, resulting in a higher incidence of injury.

What factors increase the likelihood of a fatal motor accident?

As you leave your home and set out for the open road, the last thing on your mind is getting fatally injured in a serious car accident. No one really thinks that they are going to get hurt or killed in a collision, and as a result, many people fail to take certain precautions when it comes to protecting their lives, as well as the lives of others on the road. There are several factors that can increase your chances of becoming involved in a deadly auto accident in Tennessee. By knowing what these factors are, you may be able to avoid them and possibly save a life in the process.

Two people killed: Officer charged with reckless driving

Even law enforcement officers in Tennessee must practice safe driving habits when traveling alongside other vehicles on the road. Just like other motorists, law officers run the risk of injuring and killing innocent people if they choose to drive recklessly or make negligent decisions while behind the wheel.

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