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Who is to blame for truck accidents?

Many motorists in Knoxville may not realize that when truck accidents occur, they are more likely to sustain serious injuries and die because they are in smaller vehicles. Truck accidents are happening more often. Passenger car operators are in danger of losing their lives and the lives of their loved ones. To reduce the number of accidents that involve semis, trailers and passenger vehicles, more truck companies are “installing dash cams to monitor and alert truckers to potential risks that lead to accidents to prevent them,” states 

Some passenger car operators are not blameless 

What to do if you are injured in a car accident

Most motorists know there are factors that can increase the likelihood of them being involved in car accidents. states that in 2015, 958 people died in car accidents in Tennessee. Many more people sustained injuries. There are driving tactics that you can use to reduce your risk of collision. It is a good idea for you to learn what you should do if you are injured in an accident. 

You should never assume you will end up unscathed and with very little property damage. There is always the possibility that you may become injured. Take a few moments to review the following suggestions on how to handle your injuries after a motor vehicle collision. 

Tennesee's DUI laws may not be tough enough

Most people in Tennessee are responsible and take appropriate caution when driving to keep themselves and others safe. Sadly, however, not everyone does this. Despite decades of public awareness and education, drinking and driving continues to be a problem that plagues the state.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 1,317 lives lost at the hands of drunk drivers in Tennessee between 2012 and 2016. Knox County had far and away more drunk driving deaths during these five years than did any of its neighboring counties. In Knox County alone, there were 77 vehicular fatalities in which alcohol was a stated factor.

Drugged driver given another chance at probation

Tennessee residents often hear about how strict the state's laws on drunk or drugged driving are. However, at the same time they also hear about too many cases of an impaired driver seeming to get off without full consequences despite their reckless and negligent behavior.

Sadly, there may be yet another such example as the Supreme Court of Tennessee has recently handed down a ruling that opens up the chance that a drugged driver who killed an innocent woman may not spend time in jail. The case goes back five years when the defendant, operating his pickup truck under the influence of an opioid pain medication, stuck another person who ended up dying as a result of her injuries.

The differences between car insurance and life insurance

Needless to say, the topic of fatal car crashes is one that most Tennesseans would rather avoid. When such a tragic event happens, many families are left with the overwhelming financial burden of covering expensive funeral costs. Much talk revolves around the question of whether life insurance covers a death that happens as a result of a car accident. While life insurance covers deaths in most cases, it is crucial to know the details in the case of a fatal crash.  

Many might assume that car insurance covers costs from a fatal accident, but Nasdaq makes clear in an article on insurance that this is not the case. Even though car insurance provides cushion for taking care of the car and for helping families with funeral costs, Nasdaq points out that this type of insurance does little else. Of course, the amount of coverage depends entirely upon what type of insurance a person has, and some types do not always supply families with funeral support. For instance, liability coverage only assists families with funeral costs if another driver with liability coverage caused the death. Accidental death benefits can also help families tremendously if a family member dies from bodily injury causes.

Helmet laws: a safe tactic or violation of freedom?

Any motorbike owner can attest to the pure joys of riding down a highway during perfect weather. After all, motorcycles offer a closeness with the outdoors unlike that of everyday motor vehicles. Yet the laws surrounding helmet requirements for motorcyclists have long been a point of controversy among both motorcyclists and the general public. Although Tennessee requires all motorists to wear helmets, is there room for future change? 

When it comes to the debate over helmet use, the Tennessean made clear in a 2016 article that proposals for less strict helmet laws failed in a Senate committee. In the hopes of attracting more tourists to the state, Republican Senator Kenny Roberts attempted to end the helmet law for insured riders over the age of 21. However, Roberts' opponents countered his argument by pointing out that determining which riders had insurance would prove difficult for police officers. In addition, the likely increase in brain injuries and other serious accident-related conditions would only make matters worse for state hospitals that often deal with preexisting financial difficulties. 

What kind of injuries can a drunk driver cause?

Many people in Knoxville do not understand how serious car accidents can be when there is alcohol involved. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, each day, motorists who drive while intoxicated kill 28 individuals. 

Because drunk driving car accidents are the cause of many life-threatening injuries and deaths, victims and their loved ones can file personal injury claims to help them deal with the aftermath. 

Factors that contribute to truck accident fatalities

When most people in the Knoxville area think about truck accidents, they think of the kind that involves other motor vehicles. Many commercial vehicle collisions involve pedestrians. People who are walking down or across the streets become unsuspecting victims of negligent commercial vehicle operators. According to American Trucker, large commercial vehicles cause more than 140,000 injuries on the roads each year. 

Semis, big rigs and trailers are so heavy that when one takes into consideration speed, force and other contributing factors, it becomes easier to understand the potential for victims to end up with serious and life-threatening injuries. There are many factors that can lead to truck accidents. 

  •        Speed
  •        Alcohol and other substances
  •        Type of vehicles involved
  •        Vehicle operator experience
  •        Mechanical failure
  •        Negligent driving behavior 

Truck accident myths to help you avoid collisions

During the last decade or so, there has been an increase in effort and regulations to help curb the number of truck accidents that happen in Knoxville and across the country. Although they do not happen as often as car accidents, they occur often enough for motorists to become more educated about truckers, their responsibilities and common truck accident myths that put them at risk of injury. 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, the number of people who lost their lives in large truck accidents was 3,852 in 2015. Many people who survive in truck accidents have serious wounds. They also end up with medical bills, lost wages and other issues from their accidents. Motorists should take some time to learn about some common truck accident myths to better understand the steps they must take to improve their situations and seek compensation. 

Common motorcycle riding myths debunked

Many motorists in Tennessee have false impressions about motorcycle riders that can lead them to make mistakes that endanger themselves and other drivers. According to the Insurance Information Institute, motor vehicle collisions involving motorcycles were the cause of 4,976 fatalities in 2015. 

Some individuals do not consider how fragile their bodies are until they are lying on the side of the road after falling or being thrown from their bikes in a collision. The risk of serious injury is all too real and avoidable in most cases. Here is a brief overview on how a few myths can impact overall road safety. 

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