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January 2012 Archives

Motorists say distracted driving is dangerous - but do it anyway

What's that old saying? "If you talk the talk, you should walk the walk." It seems not every driver in Tennessee does that. According to a new survey, 88 percent of Tennessee drivers believe that texting, or looking at a phone, while driving is dangerous behavior. But at the same time, 27 percent of them admit to doing just that in the last month.

Teen tells story of accident to promote driving safety

A routine day turned into a nightmare for a Tennessee teen back in October 2010. He still doesn't remember what exactly happened, but it's believed that as he drove down Big Springs Road, he looked down at some point, causing him to swerve, over-correct and then slam into a tree.

Elderly Tennessee drivers may face tougher restrictions

Tennessee is one of the least restrictive states in the nation when it comes to elderly drivers. Some states have strict laws requiring drivers of a certain age to submit to medical testing before they are allowed behind the wheel. While Tennessee may not go that far, officials are looking to impose tougher restrictions on elderly drivers in the future.

Man who killed teen in accident arrested for sixth DUI

When a driver is arrested for driving drunk, one might think he or she would learn from it. And if they are arrested for fatally hitting someone while driving drunk, they would learn from that. Whether he learned anything or not, a Tennessee man was arrested and charged with his sixth DUI recently.

States ponder whether ignition interlock should be in every car

Many states have adopted laws that require people who are convicted of driving drunk to get ignition interlock devices, which prevent them from starting their cars if they fail a Breathalyzer test. The state of Tennessee requires ignition interlock for those caught driving with blood-alcohol levels of .15 or more.

Chase leads to car striking, injuring sheriff's deputy

Evading police is never a smart idea, and initiating a chase is even more foolish. Not only are there significant legal implications, but it puts you and your passengers, police officers and innocent bystanders at unnecessary risk.

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