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February 2012 Archives

Safety advocates alarmed by increase in teen driving deaths

Recently we shared a post about predictors of when teens could be involved in car crashes. Now a new study is suggesting that teen traffic deaths actually increased in the U.S. in the first half of 2011. If the numbers stayed that way in the second half of the year, it would be the first such yearly increase in several years.

Tennessee DOT aims for faster accident cleanup

When a big crash on the road in front of you occurs, it can not only be time-consuming to get around, but it can prove dangerous for drivers who don't see it. Long delays that have left drivers virtually stranded after car accidents in Tennessee, and Knox County in particular, recently have led the Tennessee Department of Transportation to aim for faster cleanups.

Data shows teen driving habits can be predictor of car crashes

If the results of a new study are any indication, parents shouldn't just brush it off when they notice their teenage children making sharp turns or braking abruptly when they drive. It shouldn't be surprising, but the study finds that this kind of driving pattern often leads teens to be involved in car accidents.

State upholds firing of trooper who drive past deadly wreck

We recently wrote a post about a state trooper being sued by the family of a man who died in a serious car wreck. They've claimed the trooper was pursuing the man and didn't bother to stop to render aid when he crashed into a tree. The trooper apparently drove past the crash and pulled over, returning several minutes later.

Accident shows dangers of driving in construction zones

A tragic accident in Sullivan County last week shows how hazardous it can be to be in a construction zone, and not just for drivers. While motorists must be aware of nearby equipment and particularly the workers operating the equipment, construction workers also need to keep an eye out for their own safety.

Study shows parents not consistent with safety when carpooling

Think back to when you were a child. When you rode in the car of a friend's parent, did they have the same safety standards as your own parents? Did they ever say to you, "Oh, don't worry, you don't have to wear a seatbelt?" If so, did you tell your parents?

Family of man who died in crash sues trooper

In a bizarre accident in Tennessee last year, a man crashed into a tree after a chase with a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper. The man died in the auto accident, and now his family is saying the trooper drove right by the man's vehicle without checking on his condition for at least several minutes. The family is suing the THP trooper for $10 million.

Teen driver arrested for hit-and-run that injured boy

Patience is a virtue. That's true in many aspects of life, and driving is no exception. A Knoxville woman was arrested earlier this week after she apparently tried to drive around a group of children crossing a street. She ended up striking a 6-year-old boy and leaving the scene of the accident.

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