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May 2012 Archives

Police nab hit-and-run driver in deadly Knoxville crash

Running out of gas is an annoyance, but it's usually not dangerous. However, when people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, tragedy can strike. That's especially true when other drivers approach the area in a reckless manner. That appears to be what happened in a fatal accident in Knoxville early yesterday morning.

Several students recovering after serious Knox County wreck

As recent research has shown, a teen driver with multiple teen passengers in the car is more likely to get into car accidents than a teen driving alone or with older passengers. A recent wreck in Knox County seems to lend credence to that argument.

Car safety contributes to falling crash fatality rate

According to federal statistics, fewer people are dying in fatal car accidents on U.S. highways than ever before, or at least since records were first tallied back in 1921. While a number of factors are at play, the biggest is perhaps car safety and technology.

Study: Just thinking about your phone can cause an accident

If you decide to turn off your phone for your commute home, are you less likely to get into a car crash than if you were talking on it? It's possible, but a new study suggests that merely thinking about your phone can cause crashes, and hence qualify as "distracted driving." If you're worried about missing a call while your phone is off during the drive, is that in itself dangerous?

When should parents talk to kids about teen driving?

Some parents are a bit unsure of when they should address certain issues with their children. The dangers of teen driving is one such topic, and it should never fall by the wayside. It's important for parents to talk to their teenage sons and daughters to prevent car accidents.

Truck driver facing charges for deadly crash

The driver of a tractor trailer is facing possible homicide charges after a crash on Interstate 40 near Knoxville claimed a woman's life. The fatal car accident happened when the driver's big rig rolled over onto the woman's car. He collided with two other vehicles as well, including another tractor trailer.

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