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October 2012 Archives

Leaf collection truck injures pedestrian due to low visibility

It was this time one year ago that a truck collecting leaves hit and killed an 18-year-old in another state. The local and state officials reached out and made efforts to prevent this kind of truck accident from happening again, but just a few weeks ago another accident occurred due to the same culprit: limited visibility. Tennessee pedestrians and drivers may have heard about this accident and may want to use it as an example of the fact that some trucks on the roads may be less safe than others.

Crash concussion kept Dale Earnhardt from racing

While most drivers in Tennessee aren't racing their cars when they are involved in an accident, the recent several-car crash involving Dale Earnhardt may be more relatable than some might think. The racecar driver suffered a concussion that took him out of the scheduled races for several weeks and only in the last week was he cleared to get back out onto the track. Such an injury can occur in any kind of car accident and, once you have one you are far more susceptible to repeat injuries.

A Tennessee man drives into a woman's kitchen: leafy roads

As we talked about in our previous post, there are some hazards of the road that we sometimes do not have control over. Weather is one of the most prominent influences in driving safety in Tennessee and all over the world. We can prepare for certain kinds of weather with defrost, snow tires and windshield wipers, but sometimes even the most cautious of drivers loses control of their vehicle due to weather conditions.

Tennessee drivers: deer in the headlines

There are many things we can often control as drivers: how fast we're going, how loud the music is, when we want to switch lanes...but it's the things we can't control that deserve the most attention. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is now urging drivers to be more aware of the other animals that could be on the road, namely deer. They are requesting that in areas where there is a known population of deer that drivers be more cautious, for nearly ten percent of the car accidents from 2007 to 2011 involved the woodland animal.

Teenager dies three weeks after car accident in Tennessee

A tragic loss of one teenager occured last week after being in serious condition from a car accident in Jefferson County late September. A 16-year-old was riding along in a truck when the vehicle he was in and another collided, resulting in multiple people sustaining injuries and, ultimately, this young man's death. Police reported than many of those involved were not wearing seatbelts, including the young man.

Tennesseans take note: National Teen Driver Safety Week

It's National Teen Driver Safety Week and all over the country officials are pushing for more awareness and conversation about how new drivers can be safe ones. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come out with the fatal motor vehicle accident numbers from 2010, and the statistics are grim. Nearly 2,000 young drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 lost their lives from car crashes along with the 187,000 new drivers who were involved in accidents and suffered injuries from them. These numbers hit us hard and Tennessee adults are encouraged to engage in the education of our young drivers to help this year's reports be lower than previous years'.

Tennessee drivers come out injury-free after DUI crash

Car accidents often result in injuries or worse, fatalities - especially head-on collisions. For two drivers involved in a head-on collision earlier this week, this is not the case. One 22-year-old Tennessee woman is now facing charges regarding her driving into the opposite lane of traffic and causing a crash with a semi-truck early Tuesday morning.

Nashville man crashes with 10-year-old in car: DUI charges

Car accidents that occur after people have been drinking are never something to take lightly, but it becomes much more tragic when there are children involved. One Nashville man was recently involved in a crash while allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. He was reportedly on Andrew Jackson Parkway when the crash occurred and his 10-year-old niece was in the vehicle with him.

Tennessee school bus driver charged after 26 students injured

Every year public schools go through bus safety units and students are expected to understand what to do in case of an emergency, but what if the driver is the one putting the students in danger? Tennessee parents are going through some difficult emotions right now, trying to comprehend what happened as charges against a local bus driver are filed following a bus crash and in the wake of 26 injured students.

Nashville man killed in motorcycle crash

Motorcycle drivers are sometimes at greater risk for a fatality after crashing than other motor vehicle drivers, and no matter how cautious a driver is, accidents still happen. The identity of one Tennessee motorcyclist has been discovered in the wake of his death. Late Saturday evening the man in question was reportedly driving down Donelson Pike on his motorcycle - a 1996 Honda - when his vehicle collided with an SUV - a 2003 Cadillac. He was taken to the hospital and didn't live much longer.

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