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December 2012 Archives

Institute for Highway Safety releases "Poor" to "Good" scores

A lot goes into buying a car. First there are the commercials; then the cars that catch your eye out on the road and then comes the internet search. While perusing the various makers and models that fit a Tennessee resident's criteria, one of the biggest questions to ask is 'Will I be kept safe in the event of an accident?' One way to find an answer is to look into the ratings the car you're looking at has scored on various different crash and performance tests.

Christmas Eve crash in Tennessee: A warning for seatbelts?

This week is one celebrated by many across the world as Christmas Eve and Day were on Monday and Tuesday. Travel plans and road conditions were likely intensified by the mass rush to get home for the holidays and begin eating your favorite traditional food. As exciting as it is, it can often be the case that the dangers are raised with that excitement. Driving on the Tennessee roads proved to be a more dangerous action for an unfortunate few this week, who found themselves involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident on Monday.

Last month of 2012: Just one more chance to prevent drunk driving

The holiday season is known for many things: parties, family, snow...all of which can make this December full of wonderful occasions. Tennessee residents know how sometimes the parties can spill a little late into the night, or the roads can be tricky to maneuver - things that make driving home a little harder and a lot more dangerous. Per official statement, President Barack Obama has declared that December be National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, in an effort to keep the distracted driving potential at minimum and all drivers safer during the season.

Motor vehicle recalls: Honda for faulty ignition lock

Driving a motor vehicle that has one of its mechanisms working incorrectly can be one of the scariest things for a driver. Tennessee drivers trust that the cars we buy are manufactured to their safest potential and when the result of a problematic devise in a car is an accident, the effects can be devastating. Honda recently announced one of its recalls due to one such faulty mechanism, coming after several reported accidents.

Tennessee crash takes one life, two others injured

Getting into a crash is probably one of the scariest things that can happen to someone on a day-to-day basis. Tennessee drivers may have heard of a recent crash on Alcoa Highway that happened last week. The aftermath of it includes one woman whose life was lost, and two others who suffered different levels of injuries. The kind of time and effort it can take to recover from such a devastating crash like this is often extensive.

Tennessee motorcycle accidents rising for service members?

We've discussed before the raised dangers of riding a motorcycle and how it can affect a driver differently than if they were in an enclosed vehicle. Understanding not only the risks but also the rates and figures of motorcycle accidents may be something Tennessee drivers wish to look at. A recent source explored the trends of motorcycle accidents among service members over the last few years and the data indicates that the numbers have significantly increased since 20001.

New study projects data of collision figures for the year 2030

Car accidents can be caused by any number of things. Whether it's distracted driving, driving under the influence, poor weather conditions or car failure, it's important to know how to be the safest driver you can be, especially in the event of an accident. Tennessee residents may be interested to know some of the recent figures regarding collision rates in the United States, and how they may correlate to certain communities of people.

Collision involving church van sees arraignment for other driver

It's been close to three months since the tragic accident occurred involving a van full of church-goers was returning from a weekend trip away. There were two fatalities in the accident, as Knoxville residents likely recall, and the young man driving the other car was arrested shortly after being discharged from nearby hospital on several criminal charges. That man was arraigned earlier this morning and the charges brought against him included several counts of vehicular homicide.

Tennessee: Helmet laws for motorcyclists to watch out for

One source recently discussed the somewhat immeasurable effects that a motorcycle driver or rider can have and the potential they have to last. The initial treatment or findings from an accident are able to be measured by cost and in detail; however, it's the long-lasting ones that often cannot be quantifiably documented, and some are wondering what means need to be taken to ensure safety.

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