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January 2013 Archives

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against GM for defective air bags

Our Knoxville readers who drive or ride in cars rightfully expect that the car manufacturer assembled a product that is safe to drive. And while driver error often plays a role in car accidents, cars are designed and marketed with certain safety features to keep vehicle occupants safer in a crash. One of the most important is the air bag. When it fails to deploy, it may be worth wondering if a manufacturer's defect played a role.

Drowsy driving may be putting other Tennessee drivers at risk

We discussed earlier this week the dangers of being out on the roads when there are serious weather factors playing at safety, but what if there are other drivers doing the same? A recent study explored potential trends and reasons for people falling asleep while driving; and the findings might give cause for some Tennessee drivers to worry.

Tennessee roads getting slick: Motorists take care

With the changing of the seasons, so comes the changing of the weather. This is not news to most, but it could be surprisingly dangerous if Tennessee drivers aren't aware of the state of their roads. There have been reports recently about the worsening condition of the roads due to rain and ice, causing there to be multiple accidents and collisions throughout the state and nation.

Tennessee road signs displaying death totals stirs controversy

Tennessee residents have likely seen the TDOT signs on the roadways, displaying the painful number of those who have perished on a Tennessee road. They inspire many different reactions, including those who appreciate them and those who find they are even more distracting. The reports of 2012's fatalities from a motor vehicle accident may show that the signs might have been helpful.

Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper still recovering from car crash

It was 3 o'clock in the morning and the Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper was working inside his stopped vehicle on some documents when a tractor-trailer travelled toward his and collided with the sergeant's car. Knoxville residents may remember the story about the state trooper's car accident, from which he has been recovering ever since it occurred last March. The officer is reportedly doing very well considering, but continues to await the day when he can return to full service.

Tennessee drivers: proposed initiative for louder cars

A new year brings a new legislative table. One proposal was announced earlier this week as being open for deliberation regarding the noise levels of cars and the safety features to help alert pedestrians and bicyclists when quiet cars are around or approaching. So many car accidents in Tennessee and elsewhere involve pedestrians and they can be much more dangerous to someone who isn't in an enclosed vehicle with a seatbelt or airbags.

Unwelcome guests: Car slams into Tennessee home

As bizarre as it may sound, one Tennessee family received quite the ringing in of the new year last week when a car crashed into the front of their home. A report explains that the young man driving was unable to slow the car down and as he traveled down a hill, couldn't stop before striking the home of the innocent not-quite-bystanders.

Foreign exchange student gets settlement after Tennessee crash

Crashes can terrify, paralyze and haunt victims who have had to go through such trauma. At times, it is possible to receive compensation for the injuries or effects a Tennessean suffers after they survive a crash. In the case of a young foreign exchange student, just that happened.

Months after Knoxville truck accident, officer still recovering

Late last winter, the life of one Tennessee Highway Patrol officer would take a sudden, unexpected turn. While pulled to the side of the road to complete paperwork, the officer's cruiser was struck by a drowsy semi truck driver. Had emergency workers responded to the truck accident later than they did, the 37-year-old officer probably wouldn't be alive today.

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