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March 2013 Archives

Hit-and-run victim speaks about the impact of the accident

On March 7, two men were walking along the side of Highway 126 in Sullivan County after their vehicle ran out of gas when one man was allegedly hit by a car. The men, who were cousins, claim they had been watching the road for oncoming traffic and were moving farther to the side of the roadway when cars approached. On the way back from a nearby gas station, a vehicle struck one of the men in the back, they claim. The 23-year-old man said he landed at the bottom of a ditch, and the vehicle drove off. The man stated that he felt like he had been left on the side of the road "like a dog" after the car accident. He required medical care for a fractured pelvis and a back injury. The driver of the vehicle is still at large, and police continue to search for a light-colored SUV that may be missing a side view mirror.

Former 49er Dalenie Walker impacted by drunk driving accident

Newly signed Tennessee Titan Delanie Walker lost his aunt and uncle in a drunk driving accident shortly after Super Bowl XLVII. His aunt and uncle had attended a 49ers post-game party with him a few hours before the car accident occurred. The couple had pulled off of Louisiana's Interstate 10 when their vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle. Police said that the vehicle that struck the couple was traveling in excess of 100 mph. Upon the collision, both vehicles ignited in flames, and the couple was found dead inside after the fire was put out. The driver responsible for the car accident had a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit of .08 percent. She has been charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless operation and two counts of vehicular homicide.

Some spinal cord injuries may be prevented

Injuries to the spinal cord may result in temporary or permanent damage to the spine and may present with various symptoms. Depending on the location of the injury on the spine as well as its severity, symptoms may include difficulty moving, numbness or tingling, a burning sensation and paralysis. Symptoms may not appear immediately after the injury takes place. Some develop slowly as swelling or bleeding occurs around the spinal cord. These injuries may be caused by trauma related to a car accident, sports injury, fall or other event. Tennessee residents with injuries of this nature are often burdened by significant expenses in addition to pain and suffering. Some injuries, however, might have been prevented, or the severity of the injury could have been minimized. For example, car accidents that are caused by negligence may have been prevented by safer driving habits. Wearing a seat belt and using defensive driving techniques could also aide in the avoidance of an accident. 

Motorcyclist Liberty Restoration Act faces opposition

A mother wrote a letter to two state legislators in Tennessee to announce her concerns for the new motorcycle legislation that they are sponsoring. The letter was written to State Representative Kelly Keisling from Byrdstown and Senator Mark Green from Clarksville and was in regards to the Motorcyclist Liberty Restoration Act. The mother stated in her letter that her 20-year-old son is a motorcyclist. The new law would provide motorcyclists with the freedom to choose whether to wear a helmet or not. According to the mother, a motorcycle accident can occur at any time, and helmets offer protection that may save the motorcyclist's life. She stated that some accidents might be caused by drivers who don't see motorcyclists on the road.

Police investigating a four-vehicle collision in Tennessee

Tennessee Highway Patrol officers are investigating a collision involving four vehicles that took place during the night on March 1, 2013. The cause of the car accident has not been identified, but a patrol vehicle for the Knoxville Police Department was involved in the incident. In addition, an off-duty law enforcement officer was involved. The incident took place near the intersection of Andersonville Highway and East Emory Road. No injuries were reported from the accident. The patrol car involved in the collision was able to be driven away from the accident. However, a 24-year-old male driver has been charged with a DUI in connection with the accident. 

Three-vehicle accident on I-40 sends one person to hospital

Part of Interstate 40 was shut down on the evening of Feb. 28 due to a three-vehicle accident. This car accident occurred near mile marker 227 close to a construction area. According to officials, an inattentive driver did not notice that traffic was slowing down while approaching the construction area, and this may have caused the accident. This driver's vehicle rear-ended another vehicle, which then caused both vehicles to rollover. As a result of the collision, a third vehicle was also hit. Two of the people involved in this car accident were reported to have sustained injuries. While the injuries to one were reported to only have been minor, the other was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for the treatment of non-life threatening injuries. 

Tennessee Titans player arrested for DUI after crash

A player for the Tennessee Titans was arrested recently after police responded to the scene of a car accident and smelled a strong odor of alcohol. The player, tight end Brandon Barden, apparently refused field sobriety testing or any blood alcohol level testing, so it is unclear what his level of intoxication was at the time of the accident.

Defective tire said to be cause in motorcycle accident deaths

The son of a couple who died in a motorcycle accident last year is suing a tire manufacturer and the motorcycle retailer for wrongful death. This type of lawsuit can be brought by a family member of a victim who died as a result of negligence on the part of a third party. For cases involving car or motorcycle accidents, family members often investigate whether the vehicle may have had any latent defects that could have caused the accident.

Teen driver deaths up in 2012, danger remains

Earlier this week we discussed how some people in Tennessee and elsewhere incorrectly assume that young drivers are always at fault for accidents that they are involved in. This is not always the case, but some new figures from a respected organization shows that teen driver deaths are up.

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