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March 2014 Archives

St. Patrick's Day paves way for dangerous Tennessee roads

Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies in Tennessee and across the United States are cracking down on drunk driving, many people still feel confident enough to get behind the wheel of their car while intoxicated. These drivers pose dangers to everyone on the road, and they account for a high percentage of automobile accidents that involve serious injury or death. Unfortunately, the likelihood of a collision with a drunk driver is higher during holidays, and these accidents can cut a celebration very short. 

Simulation: The solution to distracted teen drivers in Tennessee?

Texting and driving is a dangerous combination that can potentially kill someone. Some might think that sending text messages while behind the steering wheel won’t take much attention off of the road. However, the real deal as stated by a law enforcement liaison is that it takes more time for drivers to react while they are distracted while driving. Slow reaction time can lead to a car accident that might cause personal injury or even death.

Will fewer Tennessee riders have to wear motorcycle helmets?

Thousands of people enjoy riding motorcycles across the state of Tennessee. However, riders are at risk of greater personal injury than motorists in vehicles are. A motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries and broken bones that may be life- threatening. Head and neck injuries are common for riders involved in a collision, even among those wearing a helmet.

Truck accident on Tennessee highway claims 2 lives

Trucks are a common sight on the roads of Tennessee, as they are throughout the United States. And like all vehicles, they can run into trouble. This is especially true if they are traveling overnight or in the early hours of the morning, when visibility is often poor and drivers are tired. Furthermore, the size and sturdy nature of these vehicles can spell trouble for anything caught in an impact with them.

Tennessee driver dies after crashing with semi-truck

Areas of road construction can be high-risk for motor vehicle accidents. A fatal accident in Tennessee proved that last week. In Jefferson County, a 22-year-old man died after a collision with a semi-truck. The accident occurred on I-40 and involved an area of road construction and slowed vehicles. Authorities are still evaluating the details of the fatal crash.

Tennessee coach learns a lesson: dont drink and drive

It is easy for concentration to slip when you are driving. It only requires a minor distraction to draw someone's eyes from the road for a moment. The chances of this happening are even higher when a driver is intoxicated.

Icy conditions in Tennessee lead to high number of car accidents

The winter weather has made the already busy highways of Tennessee almost treacherous for travelers. Driving in inclement weather can be difficult, and it only takes hitting one small patch of black ice for an accident to happen. The severity of recent conditions, however, means that the number of car accidents has spiked dramatically.

Motorcycle rider killed in Murfreesboro collision

Motorcycles offer a great way to get outside, enjoy the weather and experience the open road. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often at greater risk than other motorists on the road, and even the best precautions are not always enough to guard against broken bones or even death. If a collision with another vehicle occurs in a motorcycle accident, police investigations can help determine if negligence or other factors were involved.

Accident in Robertson County leaves 2 dead

Each year in Tennessee, drivers and passengers of motor vehicles are involved in serious and sometimes fatal accidents. Anytime a death results from a collision, there is a possibility for a wrongful death suit. These suits attempt to assign blame for a person’s death in order to distribute financial compensation to the family of the victim. There are several factors that can be involved in a collision, including drugs and alcohol, negligence, or faulty mechanisms in a vehicle. These collisions can become even more deadly when they involve large vehicles like buses or tractor-trailers.

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