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April 2014 Archives

Massive accident in Memphis leaves several injured and 1 dead

It only takes a moment for a drive through town to turn into a dangerous situation. Drivers who are speeding, under the influence or otherwise operating a vehicle irresponsibly pose a risk to all other drivers on the road. Tennesseans are involved in serious car accidents each day, many of which could have been avoided. These tragic occurrences can leave innocent victims and their families feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed.

Tennessee motorcyclists in critical condition after car collision

With the onset of spring, many Tennesseans feel it’s time to warm up the motorcycles and get out on the road. There are plenty of great riding opportunities in the state, though it is important for riders to stay alert. Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries, including broken bones and head injuries. In some cases, other motorists on the road do not respect the space of motorcycle riders sharing the road, and collisions sometimes result from fully preventable situations.

Homicide charges follow fatal accident involving 13-year-old boy

Losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident is devastating. Those involved in severe collisions are left searching for answers. What happened leading up to the accident? Was there anything that could have been done to prevent the deadly turn of events? Although there are sometimes no easy answers to these questions, fatal accidents can often be attributed to the negligence of another driver on the road. In these cases, the family of a deceased person may be entitled to compensation to help them through the difficult times ahead. 

Tennessee truck accident leaves 2 dead, 1 injured

For truck drivers, exhaustion and fatigue all can contribute to distraction on a job that requires nonstop attentiveness. One momentary lapse in focus on the road ahead and the job at hand can have fatal consequences. A truck accident often requires extensive investigation in order to determine the causation and the fault, especially when the truck's involvement resulted in serious injury or fatality.

Street race leaves Tennessee teen dead

Whether it is commuting to work, picking the kids up from school or driving around town with friends, cars provide convenience and pleasure in many aspects of everyday life. But when drivers abuse the privilege of operating a motor vehicle, the machines can quickly become dangerous and deadly weapons on the streets. Motorists are harmed or killed in car accidents every day across the United States. Although drunk driving and negligence are common factors in fatal accidents, a new trend is also contributing to accidents in Tennessee.

Tennessee pedestrian killed by alleged drunk driver

Drunk drivers continue to be a major threat to everyone on the road, and even pedestrians aren't safe. Many car accidents are attributed to drunk drivers whose behavior can cause serious injuries and even death. The mere fact that drivers are intoxicated with drugs or alcohol while driving is enough reason for Tennessee authorities to bring charges of driving under the influence. One reason for these drunk driving laws is to help reduce the number of drunk driving accidents that occur.

Trucker from fatal Tennessee truck wreck merely loses license

For professional drivers, driving is a job and requires constant vigilance. Truck drivers must take extra precautions when driving because the size of the vehicle makes it more difficult to control. In fact, factors like distracted driving among truckers can lead to truck accidents that can be far more deadly and dangerous than typical car accidents. 

Driver negligence, not car problem, led to fatal Tennessee crash

Vehicle wrecks happen every day on Tennessee roads and some of them result in serious injuries and death. Many of these fatal accidents are avoidable. Any time a crash causes the death of a driver or passenger in a vehicle, police investigate the scene to determine the cause of the accident. This information is later used to determine liability. If negligence such as drunk driving is found to have contributed to the wreck, the incident could become a wrongful death case. 

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