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January 2015 Archives

Factors that may determine liability in traffic accidents

Drivers from Tennessee may be interested in learning what factors make a driver liable for a car accident. Whenever illegal activity, such as driving while intoxicated or traveling above the speed limit, causes a car accident, the driver who was not complying with the law might be held liable for damages stemming from the crash.

Back, neck and spinal cord auto accident injuries

When you have suffered a back, neck or spinal cord injury in a Tennessee car accident or other type of accident caused by another person, you may be facing a lifetime of debilitation and disability as a result. Catastrophic spinal cord injuries can result if your spine was crushed, bruised, twisted, severed or pinched, possibly leaving you with paraplegia or quadriplegia. You may be unable to continue working, personal assistance to complete your daily tasks may be required, and you may require ongoing rehabilitative treatments to prevent your muscles from atrophy.

Examining priorities in trucking safety

Tennessee motorists may have heard that the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is concerned with the failure of regulators to act on many matters related to trucking safety in recent years. The board has stated its belief that changes are necessary in the coming year. In a recent news conference, the NTSB referenced the injury of comedian Tracy Morgan as it highlighted statistics that reflect a need for aggressive action.

Tennessee man seriously injured in wrong-way accident

A part-time musician faces extensive rehabilitation after being seriously hurt in a deadly collision in Tennessee on Jan. 10. At press time, the man was undergoing treatment for his injuries at Skyline Medical Center in the neurological intensive care unit. News sources say that the injured man was traveling in a fellow musician's Corvette when it was hit by a wrong-way driver on Interstate 65. The driver of the Corvette lost his life in the crash.

Potential benefits of V2V technology in motorcycles

Tennessee motorcyclists may be aware of their vulnerability on the road, but vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V) that are currently being developed and tested in light vehicles could reduce the risks for motorcyclists as well. The most common motorcycle accidents are those in which another motorist doesn't see the motorcycle in time to avoid an accident. V2V technology is designed to monitor driving conditions and provide drivers with warnings that allow time to adjust and avoid accidents.

The dangers of distracted driving

Tennessee readers may be familiar with the dangers associated with distracted driving, which is understood by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to include any activity done while driving that takes one's attention away from the road. The public health agency reported that more than 9 people are killed in accidents related to distracted driving every day in the United States.

Impaired driving in Tennessee

Drivers who operate their vehicles on the roads of Tennessee in a state of alcohol intoxication or other chemical impairment are among the most serious hazards presented on the highway. Drivers whose abilities have been influenced by drugs or drinking are responsible for a large number of injuries and fatalities across the United States every day. In fact, according to one authoritative estimate, almost 30 people are killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents every day.

How fatal wrecks impact Tennessee residents

An examination of data gleaned from the U.S. Department of Transportation shows a number of trends that might interest Tennessee motorists. These Fatality Analysis Reporting System statistics demonstrate that, while some places, like the District of Columbia, only had around 2.4 vehicle crash fatalities per 100,000 people, other locales, like Montana and North Dakota, played host to upwards of 20 fatalities per 100,000 residents.

How to prevent common car crash injuries in Tennessee

A number of injuries that occur frequently in motor vehicle accidents might be avoided if drivers and passengers apply a few responsible and cautionary measures. First, everyone in a vehicle should be required to use a seat belt or the proper restraining system for his or her body size and location within the vehicle. Secondly, the driver ought to avoid distractions and remain alert to the vehicles' surroundings and the road signs.

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