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April 2015 Archives

Research suggests 2-second distractions increase accident rates

Research continues to show how dangerous distracted driving can be. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month, and insurance companies, among other groups, are promoting awareness of the true dangers of texting or engaging in other distracted behavior while driving. Since many Tennessee drivers and passengers are injured by distracted drivers each year, it is very important that everyone understand how dangerous cell phone use behind the wheel can be.

Fatal crash at Walt Disney World Speedway

Some Tennessee residents may have heard about a deadly car accident that took place at the Walt Disney World Speedway on April 12. A 36-year-old man who worked as an operations manager at the Florida park was killed while riding in the passenger seat of a Lamborghini. The deceased man began working at the Speedway in 2001.

Safety risks of 15-passenger vans

Residents in Tennessee might benefit from understanding more about the safety risks and implications associated with a van crash that recently occurred in Florida. On March 30, 18 people were inside a 15-passenger 2000 Dodge Ram van when the vehicle ran a stop sign and plunged into a ravine nearby. Ten people were killed, and eight people were injured in the accident. By April 3, four of the ten surviving victims were released from the hospital.

Dangers of illegal street racing

Illegal street races in Tennessee pose a major threat to drivers, pedestrians and spectators. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other transportation agencies, illegal street racing is growing in popularity across the country. To combat this problem, authorities are imposing serious penalties on people found street racing or viewing a street race.

Driving during wet weather conditions

The American Auto Association reports that 1.2 million motor vehicle accidents are caused by wet weather crashes a year. Tennessee drivers can take precautions to avoid accidents during rainy springtime weather, and staying alert and being ready to take action is most important when driving under these types of conditions.

Car accidents and sternum fractures in Tennessee

One of the more serious injuries a person can incur in a motor vehicle accident is a fractured sternum. Because the sternum serves to protect the heart, lungs and important blood vessels beneath it, a fracture may cause concomitant damage to those organs and vessels.

Tennessee helmet law changes may increase risk of injuries

As the weather warms up, Tennessee motorcyclists might choose to ride their motorcycles more often. However, as motorcycle use increases, Tennessee doctors also see a rise in serious motorcycle accidents and injuries. This is not unusual; medical staff at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville report that warm weather typically results in a 50 percent increase in patients with major injuries, including motorcycle injuries.

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