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May 2016 Archives

Higher speed limits could lead to increased fatalities

Although setting speed limits has been a somewhat controversial topic in Tennessee and across the nation, many states have decided to increase the speed limit on highways and freeways. In Texas, for example, state officials increased the speed limit to 85 mph on one stretch of road in 2012. Despite these speed limit changes, some believe that increasing the speed limit could lead to a significant rise in motor vehicle accidents, injuries and deaths on state roadways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speed-related car accidents led to 10,219 deaths in 2012. A number of studies also support the fact that increases in speed have a direct link to vehicular accidents and deaths.

How bikers can make themselves more visible to motorists

If you enjoy riding your bicycle throughout Knoxville, you should know that navigating the roads alongside cars and trucks can be dangerous. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that approximately 743 people were killed and an additional 48,000 people were injured while riding their bikes nationwide in 2013. A number of motorists involved in bicycle accidents admitted that they simply did not see the bike at the time of the incident. Although negligent motorists are a definite problem in Tennessee and across the country, there are some things you can do to decrease your risk of becoming the victim of a serious accident.

Why wearing a seat belt saves lives

If you are like many other motorists in Tennessee and across the nation, you may put your seat belt on as soon as you get into your car. For many people, this practice has become a ritual and as a result, many lives have been saved. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can reduce your risk of dying in an automobile accident by nearly half just by wearing your seat belt.

TN drivers may get fined for talking on cellphones

Tennessee law currently prohibits people from texting on their hand held cellphones while driving. However, drivers in the state may soon be unable to even talk on their handheld devices while operating a vehicle. A bill that was recently approved by the house panel would make talking on a handheld device while driving illegal. If the bill passes, Tennessee will be added to the already 14 states in the U.S. that have outlawed drivers from using handheld devices, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Why are motorcyclists in danger of receiving road rash?

As a motorcyclist in Tennessee, you face a number of risks when out on the open road. Not only do motorcycles lack safety features that motor vehicles provide, but you are not protected against the bare road if you should become involved in an accident. One common injury that many motorcyclists suffer from after surviving a collision is road rash. According to, skin abrasions are caused when the skin skids across the rocky road or pavement at a certain rate of speed. While some types of clothing and gear can protect you from getting road rash, you are still at risk of getting skid injuries through some types of clothing.

Truckers may violate Hours of Service regulations

In an attempt to reduce the number of fatal truck accidents caused by drowsy truck drivers, federal regulations are set in place to limit the amount of time truckers can spend behind the wheel. Not all truck drivers follow these rules, however, and some negligent truckers could endanger the safety of other motorists on the road. At Pryor Priest & Harber, we know that drowsy and reckless truck drivers can cause serious truck accidents in Knoxville and across Tennessee. Unfortunately, these collisions may injure or kill innocent people.

How to avoid becoming involved in a car accident

Whether you are driving through Knoxville, Tennessee or anywhere else across the country, there is the threat of becoming involved in a catastrophic car accident. In 2015, the rate of motor vehicle accident fatalities increased by more than 8 percent when compared to the number of car accident deaths in 2014, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While you may not be able to control the negligent and reckless actions of other drivers, there are some things you can do to avoid a deadly car accident.

Speeding and drinking leads to prison sentence for Morristown man

While most people are well aware of Tennessee’s laws on drinking and driving, motorists in Knoxville and across the state continue to climb behind the wheel while intoxicated. Alcohol can affect a driver’s ability to respond to certain situations, and can cause motorists to lose their inhibitions, coordination and sense of judgement. The results can be devastating for people who are involved in a drunk driving car accident.

Whiplash and traumatic brain injuries: What you should know

Whether you have been involved in a seemingly minor fender bender, or a more serious auto accident, you may have suffered significant injuries. Traumatic brain damage is one of the most common accident injuries that can occur. According to, out of the 1.7 million people who suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year, approximately 17.3 percent are caused by motor vehicle accidents. This number, however, does not account for injuries that go undetected and undiagnosed.

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