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December 2016 Archives

Truckers and road rage

Road rage is an everyday occurrence on the roads in Knoxville. As prevalent as road raging passenger car drivers are, more awareness should be given to road raging truckers. People who drive semi-trucks, big rigs and other types of commercial vehicles are just as likely to drive aggressively as other motorists. When accidents occur, the consequences are more serious for everyone who is on the roads with them.

Common causes of truck accidents

Commercial truck accidents are on the rise in Knoxville. These are many reasons why these types of accidents take place. According to CNBC, in 2012, there were 10,659,380 trucks on the roads. The amount of commercial vehicles that were equipped with safety technology was almost 10 percent. The number of injuries that were sustained from truck accidents was more than 284.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

When motorcycle accidents happen in Knoxville, they often cause harm and injuries to the riders and anyone else who is involved. Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons and when they do, they are often severe or fatal. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, in 2015, there were 4,693 fatal biker crashes. Five percent of those deaths occurred during the month of December. These accidents were not caused by biker error alone. Many of them involved passenger cars. Bikers should make themselves aware of what the common causes of motorcycle accidents are before they hit the roads so they can take preventative actions to avoid them.

Older drivers and accidents

More seniors in Knoxville are living longer than ever and are holding on to their driving privileges much longer. Even though they have a wealth of driving experience, many seniors still find themselves involved in car accidents. Older people have different driving habits than they had when they were younger.

Guarding against [uninsured/underinsured] drivers

Motorists in Tennessee should be on guard against uninsured and underinsured drivers. These people are not only carelessly disregarding the law, they are also putting every other motorist who is on the road with them at risk for harm and financial setbacks. According to Insurance Information Institute, only 49 of the 50 states require drivers to have auto insurance. Some of the drivers who are on the road only carry the bare minimum that is allowed, others do not have a policy at all.

The high chance of wrongful death in motorcycle crashes

Nothing comes close to the freedom of a motorcycle ride on the open highway. Unfortunately, Tennessee bikers are at much higher risk of injuries and fatalities as a result of inattentive motorists compared to operators of other vehicles. A car or truck driver may walk away unscathed from a crash that results in the wrongful death of a motorcycle rider. 

Hit-and-run: Always a bad choice

A hit-and-run accident can leave Knoxville families with unanswered questions, hefty medical expenses and heartbreak. In the long run, a driver who leaves the scene of an accident faces severe legal reprisals. The best decision any driver can make is the responsible one: to follow the law, remain at the site of the accident and render assistance in any way possible.

Preventing fatal motor vehicle accidents during the holidays

For many motorists in Tennessee, the holiday season is the perfect time to travel and go see friends and relatives. It is also the time of year when fatal motor vehicle accidents are at their highest. According to USA Today, the number of victims who died from car crashes around Thanksgiving was 436 in 2013. Almost 15 percent of the total fatalities that occurred during the month of November from 2006-2011 occurred around Thanksgiving.

Semi-truck drivers and the holidays

With the arrival of the holiday season in Tennessee comes an increase in road activity. More semi-truck drivers are on the roads than usual. Many of these vehicle operators are putting in longer hours so they can meet shipment deadlines and earn extra pay. However, there is a downside that many motorists are not aware of. The longer truck drivers spend on the roads, the greater their risk of car crashes and injuries. According to Safer America, there were 3,906 fatalities that occurred out of 338,000 truck crashes in 2013.

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