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January 2017 Archives

Social media use while driving

Each day, more and more drivers in Tennessee are driving while using their cellphones to go on social media. As popular and exciting as social media can be, doing so while driving is extremely reckless and dangerous. Teen motorists are more likely to engage in this type of behavior. The number of adolescent drivers who post on social media and text while operating vehicles is 60 percent, states Medical Daily.

The dangers of teenagers driving with passengers

Teenage motorists in Tennessee are already at a disadvantage when they are on the roads because of their inexperience. However, that does not seem to stop them from driving dangerously. Many of them drive their friends around, compromising their ability to safely operate their vehicles even further. Teens are already the highest risk group on the roads. They are several times more likely to be involved in car accidents, sustain injuries and die than adult motorists. With motor vehicle wrecks being the leading cause of death for adolescent drivers, more people should pay attention to the consequences when teen drivers have passengers.

How to avoid drowsy driving

One of the most common causes of car accidents in Knoxville is drowsy driving. You should learn how to avoid drowsy driving to increase your safety on the roads. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every month, one out of every 25 motorists drive when they are tired. It is a growing epidemic that affects everyone on the streets. Each year, hundreds of people lose their lives to this type of incident while thousands of others sustain mild to severe injuries from them. Many motorists who end up driving while fatigued do not plan to do it. Feelings of tiredness usually develop during the course of their travels.

Helping teens to become better drivers

Knoxville parents who have teens who have or plan to get their driver’s licenses should take some time to help them to become better drivers. Each year, thousands of people are injured and killed on the roads from car accidents. The most common cause of death for teenagers is car accidents. According to the Wall Street Journal, 54 percent of teenage drivers who have driven under supervision still make serious driving errors that lead to crashes. Out of all the risk factors that teens face when they are behind the wheel, their inexperience is the biggest one increases their risk of accidents.

Wintertime riding tips for motorcyclists

Knoxville motorcyclists who intend to keep riding throughout the winter should make themselves aware of the dangers the weather and road conditions create. The slick and icy roads and cold temperatures are the perfect ingredients for accidents and injuries. Although it is much safer for motorcyclists to ride when it is warmer out, with the right safety precautions they can reduce their risk of accidents and injury.

How to avoid getting in an accident with a truck

The sheer number of truck drivers on the roads is increasing every day. According to State Farm, these people log over 288 billion miles each year. Knoxville motorists who share the streets with truckers who spend long hours on the roads are at risk of collisions that can alter the course of their lives forever. To prevent this from happening, motorists should take preventative measures.

GPS navigation devices can be dangerous

Many Tennessee motorists rely on GPS units to aid them while they drive. They make travel easier and more convenient in many cases. However, there is a dark side to GPS navigation systems that motorists need to be aware of. They can also be a source of distraction to drivers, making them dangerous. Sometimes they give inaccurate information and put the drivers who rely on them at risk for becoming lost and involved in car crashes.

Are female drivers better motorists than men?

In Knoxville, it is not uncommon to see female motorists on the road. Historically, young women motorists have been perceived as worse drivers than men. Commonly cited reasons for this misconception were age, driving skill and gender. Cars have long been associated with masculinity, and when it comes to driving it is no different. However, according to USA Today, young women were found to be more responsible and safer drivers than their teenage male counterparts. Regardless of which sex is the safer group of drivers, teenage motorists are still considered the most dangerous group on the roads.

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