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Distracted driving: How your actions affect other motorists

As a motorist who frequents the roads in Knoxville, you may feel so familiar with your route that you often resort to distractions to keep yourself from getting bored. Although you have managed to drive around without accidents thus far, you should know that distractions are one of the biggest causes of car accidents in the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents that involve distracted drivers injure at least 1,161 people a year. 

2 major hazards that motorcyclist should be aware of

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Knoxville. According to, in 2014, 4,586 riders died in motorcycle accidents. The number of deaths increased by 10 percent in 2015. Many riders are so in love with the roads that they throw all caution to the wind and ride out. As exciting as riding can be, there are dangers on the roads that can affect their safety and ability to ride again in the future. With the risk of severe injury and possible death looming, many motorcyclists should become more cautious when they are riding with other motorists. They should also become more aware of the dangers they face so they can avoid them. 

Ways drivers can prepare for the roads this season

Now that spring is here, and summer is on its way, many motorists will be taking to the roads in Knoxville to travel. An increase in motorists means a higher risk of car accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, in 2015, approximately 958 fatal car crashes occurred in Tennessee.  884 victims from those accidents lost their lives. Many of those accidents happened while they were traveling with their friends and loved ones for vacation.

Motorcycle safety is a two-way street

Many motorcyclists think they own the roads in Knoxville. They are eager to speed on the roads and toss all caution to the wind, expecting other drivers to avoid them. However, bikers should keep in mind that safety is a two-way street. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there were 8.6 million motorcyclists on the roads in 2015. 88,000 of them sustained injuries, and 4,976 of them died from crashing their bikes.

Common causes of teenage car accidents

The temperatures are heating up, and many motorists on the roads in Knoxville are newly licensed drivers. Teenagers face the highest risk of injury and death on the roads. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that drivers who are 20 years old and older are three times less likely to die in car crashes than teenage motorists, for every mile driven.

Springtime riding safety tips for motorcyclists

Warm weather means many riders in Knoxville are pulling their motorcycles out of storage. With more people out on the roads, the risk of accidents and serious injury for many bikers is high. In their haste to get on the roads, many bikers forgo their safety. According to Consumers Report, there were 10 percent more fatal motorcycle accidents in 2015 than there were in 2014. Lax helmet laws, alcohol and distractions are just a few of the contributing factors.

Distracted Driving vs. Drunk Driving: Which is worse?

Each year, thousands of Knoxville motorists crash their vehicles. Whether these car accidents are the result of distractions, intoxication or something else altogether, they are all preventable. Many people are aware of the dangers that are involved when alcohol and distractions are factors. But, this knowledge does not prevent them from engaging in these behaviors.

Helping teens drivers to avoid distractions

Teen drivers are one of the most vulnerable groups of motorists on the roads in Knoxville. When distractions are present, their risk of collisions and injuries increase substantially. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teenagers are more likely to die from motor vehicle accidents than any other cause of death. Parents should encourage their teens to learn how to avoid distractions while driving so they can reduce their risk of car accidents and fatal injuries.

Common types of motorcycle injuries

One of the most vulnerable groups of motorists on the roads is motorcyclists. Many of them ride without proper riding gear, and they do not have the same structures to protect them as car drivers do. Motorcycle accidents are very common in Knoxville. Out of the 8.6 million of them that were on the roads in 2015, approximately 88,000 of them were injured from motorcycle crashes, states the Insurance Information Institute. As the weather continues to warm up, one can expect to see more bikers and motorcycle accidents on the roads. Bikers who are getting ready to ride should make themselves aware of the common types of injuries they face.

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