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Minimal regulations in effect for autonomous vehicles

Residents in Tennessee and around the country understand why so many companies might seek ways to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur every year. While this may be a goal most people would agree with, the path to achieving this may not be something everyone is in agreement with. The United States Department of Transportation indicates that up to 94 percent of all crashes are influenced by some type of human error. This fact is often used to support the advancement of autonomous vehicles as the potential answer to traffic fatalities.

Drowsy driving: a nationwide issue

Most Tennesseans have heard it all before: drowsy driving is dangerous driving. Despite these warnings, thousands of tired drivers hit the state's roads each day -- posing a threat to themselves and other drivers. While this issue is hardly a new one, there are recent studies that can help residents drive in a manner that is more alert -- and, subsequently, in a way that is safer for everyone on the road.

Texting and driving: possible solutions

It is a nationwide issue, and also one with which most Tennesseans are familiar: texting and driving. Although countless campaigns have circulated in efforts to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, countless drivers succumb to this habit. Unfortunately, some drivers face serious repercussions as a result. What is the current outlook on texting and driving in America, and will the country ever see change? 

Can autonomous cars eliminate crashes?

Perhaps the single most touted benefit of fully autonomous vehicles is improved public safety. Tennessee residents are told that this improved safety should come to them in the form of fewer accidents. Some may wonder if this is possible. Others wonder if it could ever be possible to eliminate all car accidents.

Recognizing signs of emotional trauma

When people are involved in a car accident in Tennessee, they may be most worried about the physical injuries they incurred. Sometimes, though, emotional injuries remain long after physical wounds have healed. It is important to recognize signs of emotional trauma so people know when they need to seek help.

Is old age to blame for truck accidents?

When you think about truck accidents, the last thing on your mind is age. Many of truckers on the roads in Knoxville and across the country are senior citizens. Some of them are so old they are approaching retirement age. Others who are old enough to retire, do not. Instead, they continue working to help alleviate the shortage in the industry and support themselves while staying active. 

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