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The rising cost of auto accidents

It is becoming more and more expensive to own a car in Tennessee, a fact that makes it all the more frustrating when an irresponsible motorist damages a vehicle during an accident. Even without serious injuries, these so-called fender-benders have the potential to result in serious repercussions. 

Holiday celebrations and highway deaths

As residents in Tennessee look to enjoy a long holiday to celebrate the nation's birthday, many people brace themselves for what has come to be known as a deadly time on American roads. The Fourth of July holiday is commonly celebrated with parties, backyard barbeques, boating excursions and more. These events often find people on the road to and from their destinations and it is during these travel times that tragedy can strike.

What are the rules for driving around emergency vehicles?

Most Tennessee drivers know they should yield the road to an approaching emergency vehicle. It is something they learn for a driver’s license exam, as well as from experience. It is safe to say that all drivers will have to pull over for emergency vehicles many times during their driving careers. What you may not know is how to respond when you are in an intersection or at a stoplight when you see flashing lights. Here is a look at some rules about yielding to emergency vehicles in different situations.

What is hydroplaning and why is it dangerous?

Hydroplaning—which happens when water comes between a car’s tires and the road surface, often causing loss of control—is one of the scariest situations a Tennessee driver can face. Not being able to control a sliding car traveling at high speed is unnerving for the driver and other area motorists, who may become caught up in an accident involving property damage and severe injuries.

How to avoid falling asleep at the wheel

The daily demands of life often get in the way of rest for many Tennesseans. Busy workloads, class deadlines and other important tasks can easily push sleep to the back-burner. While life is short and it is important to make the most of it, sacrificing rest for other needs can be a dangerous game. These risks multiply tenfold when a sleep-deprived person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

Are infotainment systems doing more harm than good?

Most Tennesseans do not think twice about safety before starting a journey on the road; after all, the destination is the ultimate goal. However, forgetting basic driving safety precautions can prove highly dangerous, no matter how short the drive. Recent studies have revealed a distraction that has been the culprit behind countless car crashes: high-technology devices. 

Tennessee's texting and driving laws

Texting and driving has become such a commonplace term in recent years that many drivers no longer hear its message. As technology continues to blend into the everyday lives of Tennesseans, however, warnings about distracted driving become all the more crucial. As technology changes, so, too, do the laws that surround cell phone use while driving. 

What should I do immediately after a car accident?

If you become involved in a Tennessee car crash, there are several things you should do immediately afterward. There also are several things you should not do. As FindLaw explains, the most important thing you should not do is leave the scene until law enforcement officers authorize you to do so. Leaving too soon could put you at risk for charges of leaving the scene or even hit-and-run.

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