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Are autonomous cars making roads safer?

Sometimes, there is no way to avoid a car accident. However, in many cases, the driver at fault was simply driving irresponsibly or in a reckless manner. When a crash becomes fatal, the reasons for the accident can become all the more crucial; these factors can help clarify an investigation. Recent news shows a relatively new possible safety threat on the road: that of autonomous cars. Do the pros outweigh the cons? 

Alcohol a potential factor in deadly crash

Tennessee residents have seen the increase in public awareness about the risks associated with drinking and driving increase over the past several decades thanks to the efforts of many groups including those like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Students Against Drunk Driving. At the same time, laws outlining the penalties associated with impaired driving have become stronger. Sadly, even with these advances and changes, many people continue to ignore the fact that operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol is negligent and unsafe.

Man with three prior DUIs kills woman in crash

People in Tennessee may often hear about how tough the penalties for impaired driving have become. While it may well be true that the consequences for people convicted of driving under the influence offenses might be harsher than they were decades ago, some may believe they are not strong enough as too many people continue to die in accidents in which a drunk or drugged driver were involved.

How do you help children after a parent dies in a car accident?

When your spouse dies in a car accident in Tennessee, your entire family is emotionally affected by this event. This kind of incident can be especially traumatic for children and it is important to know how you can help them during this difficult time. 

Fiery head-on collision kills three

Every person in Tennessee knows that car accidents can and do happen. However, this is not what most people think of every time they get into a vehicle nor should they. Everyone deserves the ability to believe that all drivers will make wise choices and they will arrive at their intended destinations safely. When this does not happen, it is reasonable for people to want to seek answers to questions and some sort of compensation for their losses or injuries.

Why are fixed object collisions sometimes fatal?

When you think about the fatal car accidents that occur in Tennessee, you may immediately think of collisions with multiple vehicles. A single-vehicle collision can be deadly, though, if a car crashes into a tree or other fixed objects.

Drunk driver critically injures daughter and kills mother and son

When one hears about a DUI car accident, one of the first things that may run through their mind is if someone was hurt. It is not uncommon to learn innocent people have suffered serious injuries or died after being hit by drivers who are too intoxicated to be in the driver's seat. Most victims of drunk driving accidents had no clue that someone would change their lives in undesirable ways. 

Car crashes are common, but are some preventable?

Almost every driver has been there before: a recent wreck seen on the side of the road, blue and red lights flashing and a long line of drivers curious to know what happened. To be on this side of an accident is fortunate; countless Tennesseeans experience dangerous -- and even deadly -- accidents while on the road. Still, the curiosity of why wrecks happen in the first place plagues the minds of many. How do these tragic accidents occur, and can anything be done to prevent them? 

Car accidents: Safety tips to avoid collisions with wildlife

When most people in the Knoxville area think about car crashes, they immediately think about the incidents that involve other motorists. Very few of them realize that not all accidents are the direct cause of another person’s negligence. Sometimes, motor vehicle wrecks occur because of wildlife in the area. Each year, thousands of people are injured and more than 200 people die in motor vehicle accidents that involve deer and wildlife, states 

Drugged driver given another chance at probation

Tennessee residents often hear about how strict the state's laws on drunk or drugged driving are. However, at the same time they also hear about too many cases of an impaired driver seeming to get off without full consequences despite their reckless and negligent behavior.

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